Vasayo Vitamins

Here is a company that has been tried and tested with great results. Their products stand out above the rest and here is why....

Most people take a daily supplement. Our food no longer hold the nutritional value that they use to and that is why it is so important to use vitamins. Vasayo offers the following supplements:

  • Core Complete Multi Vitamin (all whole food supplement with everything you need for the day, including your daily fruit & vegetable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, Omegas, & Pro-Biotics) 
  • Renew for Inflammation and Joint Heath
  • V3 for Energy
  • Neuro for clarity, memory, and cognitive function
  • Sleep to restore natural sleep cycles and enjoy a healthy, rejuvenating sleep.
  • V-Slim weight management to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, slow cortisol production, and maintain healthy blood-sugar levels.
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    With Vasayo, the difference is in the delivery … and that makes all the difference!

    Advanced Delivery Technology

    The only products you will see come to market under the Vasayo name are those that deliver results while using our Advanced Delivery Technologies. These technologies utilize the power of liposomes and enzymes for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption. *


    Our liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.*



    Vasayo has developed a smart enzyme delivery system designed to help replace lost enzymes and ensure that the nutrients in Vasayo’s ingredients are absorbed and utilized faster and more effectively.*

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