Why CarbSport?


Great tasting CarbSport was developed through sound research and many hours of athlete testing. CarbSport only uses the best ingredients in the proper amounts.  CarbSport can be used during any sport, be it soccer, cycling, running, football, basketball, rowing, weight lifting, skiing, etc.  CarbSport will give you the competitive edge and confidence you desire as an athlete.  CarbSport can be enjoyed by the competitive pro or sports enthusiast because it is designed to taste great and be easy on the stomach.  Below you will find the reasons why CarbSport is the best sports drink for you and your sport.

TASTES GREAT – CarbSport is a very light tasting sports drink that you won’t get sick of even after many hours of use. Most other sports drinks are too sweet and strong tasting and are very hard to drink after only a couple of hours. You can drink CarbSport all day and will never tire of the taste. 

CARBOHYDRATES – Research shows that carbohydrate absorption is maximized when several different forms of carbohydrates are used simultaneously.  Carbsport utilizes three different forms of carbohydrates. The main carbohydrate in CarbSport is maltodextrin, an easily digestible complex carhohydrate. The simple sugars fructose and dextrose are also used vary sparingly in CarbSport. Unlike other sports drinks, CarbSport uses small amounts of fructose because gastrointestinal (GI) problems can occur with too much fructose. 

CHELATED POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM, AND CALCIUM – CarbSport uses chelated potassium, magnesium, and calcium to help speed absorption of these important minerals. Chelated mineral absorption rates can be as high as 60% where nonchelated minerals are only about 10%. Minerals that are not absorbed stay in the stomach and can cause GI discomfort. CarbSport contains 150 mg of potassium, 80 mg of calcium, and 40 mg of magnesium. Some sports drinks contain too much magnesium which is a laxative and we know we don’t want these issues while exercising. CarbSport only includes the essential minerals (at the right amounts) that benefit the athletes performance.

SODIUM CHLORIDE – The body can only assimilate up to 700 mg of sodium chloride per hour and far too many other sports drinks have too little or too much sodium chloride in their drinks. Each serving of CarbSport includes 550mg of sodium chloride. 

AMINO ACIDS – The benefits of having BCAA’s as part of CarbSport include the following.  BCAA’s stimulate muscle protein synthesis (muscle building), decreases muscle protein catabolism (muscle breakdown), reduces muscle damage and soreness following exercise, improves immune function, and may enhance endurance exercise. 

MALIC ACID – In CarbSport we also include Malic Acid.  Malic acid is essential in the formation of ATP, which is our body's energy source.  Malic acid has the ability to allow the body to make ATP more efficiently, even under low oxygen, or hypoxic conditions. 

CAFFEINE – CarbSport includes an appropriate amount of caffeine in each serving. Caffeine is proven to increase performance in endurance athletes. Be cautious of sports drinks that contain too much caffeine because too much caffeine can cause GI issues. 

CITRIC ACID – CarbSport does also contain small amounts of citric acid for flavor and for a natural preservative. Again, sports drinks that contain too much citric acid can cause GI issues.

QUESTIONS - For specific questions, please email us at sales@carbsport.com